Future Exhibitions

Espinoza_Veronica_SunsetRidePort of Long Beach:
5th annual PHOTO Program

October 6 – October 22, 2017
A major economic engine like the Port of Long Beach is a feast for the creative eye and a source of surprising beauty – much of it generally inaccessible to the public. The PHOTO Program spent a day with 80 artists discussing technique, then took them on a behind-the-scenes trip through the Green Port of the Future.


Young-IlAhn_WaterSeries#306_2011Young-Il Ahn

November 9, 2017 – January 28, 2018
This exhibition is the second show of Young-Il Ahn’s work at the Long Beach Museum of Art. It honors the celebrated South Korean artist with a major thirty-five-year retrospective, presenting a selection of abstract paintings from 1983 to the present. Ahn, who lives and works in Los Angeles, has focused much of his career on the meticulous depiction of water and the ocean. In the summer of 1983 he suffered the traumatic experience of being lost at sea in a small fishing boat, engulfed by dense fog that lifted only after he had drifted alone in the water for many hours. Plagued by depression and professional disappointments, that forced him to destroy most of his earlier paintings, Ahn experienced the terrifying incident as profoundly transformative. In presenting a key selection of Ahn’s late Water and other paintings, this comprehensive exhibition explores both the sharp-edged existentialism and immersive spirituality inherent in Ahn’s large-scale abstractions.


AnnWeber_Moon Over San PedroAnn Weber:
Moon over San Pedro

November 9, 2017 – January 28, 2018
Ann Weber’s large biomorphic sculptures have been described as bizarre characters from a story, hanging on the wall or sitting in the middle of the gallery like strange and evocative outcroppings of nature or outer space. Woven together from strips of cardboard boxes she culls from her local grocery store, Weber’s soft, universal forms appear simultaneously human and plant-like, presenting the viewer with a visually and physically engrossing experience reminiscent of the art of Jean Arp, Louise Nevelson, and Louise Bourgeois. Named after a small wall-mounted sculpture, the small exhibition features Weber’s most recent works, created after moving to San Pedro from the Bay area in 2015.